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This app offers two fun, potentially addictive bulldozer games. Greedy Bulldozer is an action game that places demands on user reflexes. To do well in it, you need to master angular velocity and radius. You also need good eye-to-hand coordination. The second game is a 3-level sliding puzzle of a bulldozer picture. Here, the emphasis is on complex thinking and strategy skills.

To start Greedy Bulldozer, click Play. A yellow window indicates what objects to collect or avoid. Next, you are shown a cross-section view of the gold mine where the only moving part is the cable suspended from the arm of the bulldozer that swings from side to side. If the cable is extended, it sweeps the entire underground area. Your task is to stop it when it crosses over a precious mineral because doing so will lower the cable lowers and snatch that mineral via the hook at the far end. The item will then be reeled up to the surface. For all this to happen, all you need to do is tap the screen once.

As you play this game, you need to be aware of two numbers near the upper left corner. They are the timer and the dollar amount you have accumulated, out of a target. Each round has a different target. They are $2000, $7000, $11000 and $15000 for rounds 1 to 4, respectively. Each round is timed to 60 seconds so you have to reel up as many precious elements as possible. When you reach or exceed the target, you win. When you don't, you lose and you have to start all over again. If you hit the dynamite stick, your accumulated amount might drop.

As you proceed to higher rounds, Greedy Bulldozer becomes more difficult because the cable swings with greater frequency, reducing the cable's time passage time over a precious mineral.

The Sliding Puzzle has 3 difficulty levels which are Easy, Hard and Impossible. The starting image is split into 3X3, 7X7 and 15X15 square tiles, respectively. When you click Randomize, the tiles shuffle into a random arrangement but there is also a vacant tile into which adjacent tiles can slip. You need to move the tiles in strategic ways until the original image is formed. This game has no timing constrains.

If you encounter a bug, please report it to the development team through the Contact form. If you like this app, please use the SHARE page to share it with other Android users. Thank you for downloading Greedy Bulldozer and have many fun sessions using it!


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